The glacial and volcanically active areas of Iceland, Iceland. Managed by Matis. Contact  Viggó Þór Marteinsson. Matis has an extensive track record of managing field related research on Iceland, particularly with respect to surveys of life in young and extreme geological environments. They aim to provide the infrastructure to facilitate access to the glacial and sub-glacial environments, and young volcanic areas and active hydrothermal systems.
Some examples of the research that the Icelandic PFA site is especially suitable for include:

  •           Field testing of equipment and methodologies that are supposed to be employed in future Mars Missions, e.g. sampling of putative biological specimens and tracers, remote-controlled vehicles, sensors and analytical instruments, etc.
  •          Physical, chemical and biological analyses and sampling in extreme, Mars-analog environments to understand the capabilities and limits of microorganisms to exist under these conditions (e.g. extreme heat & cold, inside and on volcanic surfaces or hot springs, etc.)
  •          Research into geological and geo-chemical interaction between rocks and microorganisms and how this might influence biosignatures/-markers on other planetary bodies.”

Drilling to sample the Skaftarkatlalon sub-glacial lake.Drilling to sample the Skaftarkatlalon sub-glacial lake.
 Source of the Morilla sub glacial river. Source of the Morilla sub glacial river.