Open University Mars Chamber, is capable of recreating the Martian surface environment (‑70°C to +20°C, 6 mbar CO2/N2 atmosphere over a regolith) with illumination.  The key characteristic of this chamber is its large size (0.9 m diameter and 1.8 m in length) allowing use for large scale simulation of the Martian surface (aeolian transport etc) or testing large instruments/structures (e.g. rover mechanisms, traction etc).  The chamber provides full control of temperature (to ‑70°C) with associated thermal data logging, as well as control and logging of pressure and high definition video recording.  There is an array of data/power feedthroughs, as well as horizontal and vertical mechanical feedthroughs permitting linear manipulation of samples inside the chamber whilst under Martian conditions.  Contact person: Manish Patel