High-pressure laboratory at VUA
The high-pressure, high-temperature laboratory at VU University Amsterdam is dedicated to studies of the chemical and physical properties of the minerals, magma, and fluids that rocky planets and moons are made of. The laboratory holds two piston cylinder presses, capable of generating pressures between 0.4 and 3.5 gigapascals and temperatures up to 1873 K, one multi-anvil press, capable of generating pressures between 3 and 20 gigapascals and temperatures exceeding 2000 K, and a 1 atmosphere gas mixing furnace to prepare starting materials at either highly reducing or oxidising conditions as encountered in the interiors of the Earth, Moon, Mercury and Mars. Experiments take between a couple of minutes and one week depending on the specific research topic. The laboratory also has a full set of in-house starting material and run product preparation facilities. For more information, For more information of the facility see http://www.falw.vu/~wvwest/lab.html, or contact Wim van Westrenen with specific questions about experimental techniques and access. 

Piston cylinder pressPiston cylinder press
Element distribution maps within an experimental chargeElement distribution maps within an experimental charge