Maximum number of applicants funded
The expenses of up to two researchers will be covered per access visit. Upon agreement with the host facility, additional researchers will be allowed to visit the facility but will not have their expenses paid.
Additional funding from other sources (COST actions for example) can be used to specifically extend the duration of a TA visit or to arrange a follow up visit for data interpretation and preparation of a publication with the agreement of facility.
Maximum number of grants per applicant
It is recommended that separate applications are made so that sample characterisation and the results from an initial visit are fully evaluated before any follow up work. Sequential applications are encouraged; for example a field visit followed by analyses elsewhere. However, during the life span of the EuroPlanet project, applicants will not be supported more than four times.
Projects duration
Typical unit of access is:

  • For TA2 and TA3 the unit of access is a day with typical visits lasting five working days;
  • For TA1 the unit of access is a week (five working days) with this being the typical.

Longer visits (ie two weeks 10 days rather than the standard) maybe permitted if there is a clear science case (e.g. preparation of samples).  This must be discussed with your Host and the Europlanet Office.

Funding principles
Finances to cover TA visits are limited so applicants are expected to make efficient use of the funds by using economy travel, and hotels suggested by the host institution. Living expenses with depend upon the host city.

It is essential and a requirement that the Europlanet official Acknowledgement below is added to each report, publication and dissemination activity
“Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208”