It is essential and a requirement that the Europlanet official Acknowledgement below is added to each report, publication and dissemination activity
“Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208”

Successful applicants are required to prepare a short (approx. 2 pages A4) report on their visit and findings.

There is a 30 day deadline on scientific reports after the completion of a visit, along with reimbursement forms .  These should be submitted at the same time. We will not make the reimbursement without the scientific report.

This report should also include plans of how they will disseminate their findings to the planetary science community and to actively engage with the impact and outreach work packages within Europlanet2020-RI to reach the general public. Moreover, the successful applicants are expected to present their results at a future European Planetary Science Congress. Data obtained from facilities operating within Europlanet2020 RI will be stored at the host institution. 
These data will be made open access a year after the agreed completion of the research visit, with the exception of commercially sensitive information.  
In case of conflicting information found outside the call document, this call document prevails.
Please follow the official way to complete and approve below:-
Once the report form has been completed by the applicant, the host must write their approval in the last section and then email the form to .  The email will then act as the host's electronic signature.  
Please click here for the the Report Template

Please click here for the Facility's short names, Installation IDs, etc.  This information will be required to complete the report.