Europlanet  - Europe's community for planetary science

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Europlanet  brings together researchers active in planetary and space research from across Europe. Since 2005, Europlanet has provided Europe’s planetary science community with a platform to exchange ideas and personnel, share expertise, research tools, data and facilities, define key science goals for the future, and familiarise and engage stakeholders, policy makers and European citizens with planetary science. The Europlanet programme  was founded through a €2 million Framework 6 Coordination Action and subsequently developed through a €6 million Framework 7 Research Infrastructure (Europlanet RI which, for the first time, provided a structure for transnational access to leading planetary science facilities. Today, Europlanet is a collegial organisation designed to support European planetary science with a sustainable, active community for decades to come.

To date Europlanet has a membership of over 60 institutions, linked by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), that have agreed to cooperate on an informal and mutually beneficial basis. Europlanet members include past beneficiaries of Europlanet as well as new partners.  By the end of this decade, Europlanet aims to have more than 180 members signed up to the MoU –- at least 90% of planetary science institutions in the European Research Area.


  • Europlanet is the parent organisation of the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), and the EPSC Executive Committee is drawn from its membership. Europlanet members have continued to maintain websites and update selected tools and resources developed under FP7, including Virtual Access services, the Matrix for ground- and-space based facilities.
  • Europlanet has been an active hub for discussing and forming consortia for Horizon 2020 proposals, including DG Enterprise and Industry’s Space Calls and DG Research and Innovation’s European Research Infrastructure Calls.
  • Successful Horizon 2020 proposals with involvement from Europlanet members include:
    • EUROCARES (winner of part 1 COMPET-8-2014 Science in context: sample curation facility)
    • UPWARDS (winner or part 2 COMPET-8-2014 Science in context: scientific exploitation of data from Mars missions)
    • SPACE-AWE (winner of COMPET-10-2014: Outreach through education”.

Other collaborative projects (e.g. to COST and ESF) have also been facilitated through Europlanet